Redirack Pallet Racking Systems

 Why Choose Redirack Pallet Racking Systems?

Why choose one of the Redirack pallet racking systems? Because Redirack’s adjustable pallet racking not only offers a wide variety of storage solutions, but Redirack is the #1 seller of warehouse racking and shelving in Canada.

Redirack pallet racking systems address an extensive array of material handling demands. Redirack has a proven track record in meeting the needs in wide-ranging applications. Redirack's versatile, customizable, adjustable pallet racking has been designed to be used in a diverse variety of settings.

Whether for large commercial, industrial or agricultural applications, or inspiring garage shelving ideas at home, or even out in the wood shed, we can advise you about a Redirack pallet racking system that will be perfect to address your needs.

Pallet Racking SystemsThis warehouse has selected one of the Redirack pallet racking systems that will perfectly fit their material handling needs.

Here at Sampson Industrial we know the importance of material handling safety and efficiency. Whether the need be large or small, our clients have been trusting our company for their pallet rack shelving needs. 

Do you have questions regarding the components of industrial pallet racking systems?

Please drop by our Adjustable Pallet Racking Components page for more detailed explanation.

If you don't find your answers there, please feel free to Contact Us with your questions. 

The pre-owned Redirack pallet racking that we offer has served our clients well. They have expressed their appreciation for Sampson Industrial's honest consultation and prompt, efficient services. We constantly have a wide variety of used Redirack Pallet Racking in stock. Our goal is to offer great quality products which will meet your storage and material handling needs safely and in a cost-effective way, in the best interest of our valued clients. 

Client Testimonial:
"As a return customer once again in the market for used pallet racking, Sampson Industrial has been the most prompt to return our calls with the best follow-up. It also seems like you have the most stock available that we've come across so far.
We'll be placing another order with you soon,
thank you." - Troy

Advantages of Redirack

Among the many advantages that Redirack pallet racking systems have to offers, this unique, popular, adjustable pallet racking is both versatile and durable. 

Pallet racking systemsRedirack is uncomplicated to install and maintain. It is also easy to reconfigure or add to for stockroom or warehouse expansion.

The Redirack pallet racking systems are not complicated to install and they are easy to maintain, reconfigure or add to for expansion, with a vast array of practical applications. Because of our experience over the years, we know that you'll find that Redirack is the best solution for all your storage needs, whatever their size or weight. 

We highly recommend Redirack as the perfect choice if you are looking for a cost-effective way to provide warehouse storage solutions or any other storage need. It’s the answer to improving the organization, safety and efficiency of the material handling in your stockroom, shop, garage, agricultural buildings, barn, etc… We’re here as well to inspire and provide consultation for our clients regarding home garage or basement storage shelving ideas.

Over the years Sampson Industrial has provided a wide spectrum of industrial racking, shelving and product storage solutions for our clients. Our clients have been more than satisfied with this heavy-duty racking system - Canada's largest adjustable beam pallet racking manufacturer!  

Also, since Redirack has been around for so long, there is plenty of great quality used pallet racking available which is always cost effective! You’ll see how easy it is to add to your present configuration for warehouse optimization, or if your company is growing and you need to expand. 

Another innovative use for adjustable pallet racking is found in creatively repurposing it! You'll find some cool, creative and useful Pallet Rack Repurposing Ideas!  Among these ideas suggested is our page about Firewood Racks: Pallet Rack Repurposing as seem above! 

Adjustable Pallet Racking Components 

Two rows of pallet Redirack racking joined by row spacers that enhance stability.Two rows of Redirack pallet racking joined by row spacers that enhance stability.

Redirack pallet racking systems are not only durable and easy to maintain, but they're also uncomplicated to assemble. The way they've been designed makes installation a breeze, which gives you an advantage of easily adding to the Redirack pallet racking that you may already have in your warehouse or stockroom. You can easily place your racking shelves at the exact heights that would work best for your application. 

The main components are: uprights, beams, safety bars, wire mesh decking, and other racking accessories such as pallet racking corner protectors, row spacers, etc. If you have any questions regarding the Redirack pallet racking components, please click on the following for more detail regarding
 Adjustable Pallet Racking Components, or give us a call!

Identifying Details of Redirack Pallet Racking
Not All Pallet Racking is Compatible! 

The Redirack upright frames feature rectangular face punch-out slots and side holes to accept the hooks on the Redirack beams.The Redirack upright frames (with the supporting angle pieces) feature rectangular face punch-out slots and side holes to accept the hooks on the Redirack beams. Photo:

Is your business is growing and you need to expand your warehouse shelving? Or perhaps your racking has sustained a bit of damage? If you are planning to add more racking to what already have, it's important to know that there are several industrial pallet racking manufacturers out there, but they are not all compatible with each other. You'll want to buy a make that is compatible with what you already have. 

The center groove of the upright frame has rectangular openings for the 3 hooks on the end of the beam. The other rectangular holes beside the groove receive the punch-outs at the end of the beam.There is a groove down the center of the face of the upright frame with rectangular openings in it to receive the 3 hooks on the end of the beam. On either side of the groove, there are also rectangular holes which receive the punch-outs on the face of the beam.

Redirack, Canada’s #1 seller in warehouse adjustable pallet racking systems, is the most popular brand that Sampson Industrial carries. For your convenience, we have provided some photos and descriptions to help in identifying details of Redirack so you'll know if you're already using Redirack or another brand. Typically, Redirack is orange and blue, unless it has been custom painted.

Each end of the Redirack beam attaches securely to the upright frames by means of a 6-point connection - 3 face punch-outs and 3 side-hooks.Each end of the Redirack beam attaches securely to the upright frames by means of a 6-point connection - 3 face punch-outs and 3 side-hooks.

If you're adding to your existing warehouse racking but aren’t sure which type you have, you can see the differences between RediRack and other types here on our Identifying RediRack page.

If your question is not answered there, please feel to send us a clear, close up photo of the front face of the upright frame. We will be glad to help you identify the brand in order to eliminate frustration later. Here at Sampson Industrial you can draw upon our years of experience if you have any questions regarding which products will serve your purposes the best. 

A Bit of Redirack History...

Originally developed in Canada in the early 1960s, Redirack was the world's first "frame and beam" racking system manufacturer. Over these past 60 years, Redirack has been the leading manufacturer of heavy duty racking here in Canada. 

RediRackThe RediRack Logo

Because of their consistency in offering a variety of excellent steel racking systems, they continue to be the #1 seller in Canada and in other countries as well. They have grown beyond Canadaexpanding to many other parts of the world. Redirack provides the structures needed to store goods in an intelligent, safe and efficient way. Redirack is now the UK's premium manufacturer of pallet racking filling warehouses and stockrooms across the UK as well as in mainland Europe. Here's a word from Redirack in the UK.

By now, since Redirack has been around for so long, there is plenty of great quality used pallet racking available! Buying good quality, used industrial pallet racking is always cost effective whether you need a bay or two in your home garage, a small storeroom, or on a larger scale - configuring the warehouse for greater optimization.

And speaking of used pallet racking, if you’re a creative person who tends to think ‘outside of the box’, you may be interested in checking out our page where we share some amazing and useful Pallet Rack Repurposing IdeasIf you haven't seen it yet, here's one of those cool ideas! Check out Firewood Rack: Pallet Rack Repurposing and see how we took a few pieces of scrap industrial pallet racking and made racks that are perfect for holding one cord of firewood each. We've made many of these racks and we've found that the way they are made is perfect for assuring the wood is properly dried. And they're not only great for drying your wood, but they are stackable and ideal for storing your wood as well!  

And if there is something that you would like to add to what we've shared here that will benefit other readers, please share it in the form below. It's great when we can all learn from one another.

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